UMBRA, 2014 'Viviane Sassen's series Umbra, titled after the Latin word for shadow, was commissioned by the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam. Sassen leads us through a series of imaginative takes on the idea of the shadow as a metaphor for the anxiety and desire, memories and expectations, imagination and illusion that manifest in the human psyche.


Viviane showed ”Umbra” at Fotografiska in November last year. . I was very glad to have the opportunity to do a portrait of Viviane Sassen, as I'm a big fan of her 

destiné à accueillir et à présenter des expositions de mode, de photographie, de design et de  2 Feb 2019 Posts about Viviane Sassen written by Collier Brown. Parasomnia (2011), Roxane (2012) and Roxane II (2017), Umbra (2014), Pikin Slee  The gallery will present Viviane Sassen's first major UK exhibition focusing on her fine art photography from the past decade. Viviane Sassen's oeuvre stretches from fashion and fine art, to the use of geometric shapes and disturbing abstractions of bodies. Born in Amsterdam in 1972,  Viviane Sassen(薇薇安·萨森)摄影作品(1). 311播放 · 2弹幕2019-07-11 02:43 :57. 主人,未安装Flash插件,暂时无法观看视频,您可以… 下载Flash插件. 18 Dec 2015 Making and publishing my latest book, Umbra in collaboration with the amazing Irma Boom and Maria Barnas!

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Very few photographers can be credited with broadening the visual language of their medium. The conventional arena for fashion imagery is dominated by a handful of photographers who are asked again and again to capture the season’s defining images, but Viviane Sassen – though steadily becoming a household name – breaks this mould. “No idea!”, exclaims Sassen when I ask her why she 2015-10-25 Viviane Sassen UMBRA. 01 September — 12 November, 2017 You have your way of seeing. And Viviane Sassen has hers. EXHIBITION. Sometimes, however, we share the weight and value of an experience, although each gaze always remains its own.

Even without the slight accent, you would bet on her being Dutch. '  Viviane Sassen: Umbra: Barnas, Maria, Sassen, Viviane: Libri in altre lingue. SIGNED by Viviane Sassen on the title page.

Hot Mirror Viviane Sassen Author: Eleanor Clayton Publish On: 2018-06 In addition to images from the acclaimed series "Umbra," this volume draws from the series "Flamboya," in which she returned to Kenya, "Parasomnia," a dreamlike exploration of sleep, the "Roxane" series, a mutual portrait created with her

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Viviane sassen umbra

Umbra by Viviane Sassen. First edition. First impression. Large format paperback with french flaps in new condition. No Markings.

Viviane sassen umbra

2015 Expo : “Umbra” de Viviane Sassen. Le Nederlands Fotomuseum à Rotterdam et l' ambassade des Pays-Bas en France présentent à l'Atelier  14 Mar 2017 “UMBRA is Latin for shadow, and shadow has always been a big part of my work, ” says Viviane Sassen. “My father was a doctor and we lived  8 juil. 2015 Umbra.

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“My father was a doctor and we lived  8 juil. 2015 Umbra.

And Viviane Sassen has hers. Sometimes, however, we share the weight and value of an experience, although each gaze… Umbra by Viviane Sassen (OOP) Featuring poems by Maria Barnas.
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Jul 16, 2017 - Amsterdam based photographer Viviane Sassen presents her work until 1st June at Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam. She shows UMBRA (Latin for shadow) as a large-scale inst

Skapar sådana platser och möten som bjuder in betraktaren att själv fylla bilden med sin historia, sina associationer. Vi fotofikar med Sverigeaktuella Viviane Sassen, vi hänger med på jobbet AKTUELL Med »Umbra« på Fotografiska, Stockholm till den 12  Amazon for more of our designs! Publisher: AllenCOCOPackage Dimensions: 4.1 x 2.8 x 0.4 inches. Advertisement. Viviane Sassen • books • UMBRA (oodee)  Viviane Sassen - Hot Mirror — ARTIBOOKS. Viviane Sassen Viviane Sassen: UMBRA | Museum of Contemporary Photography. Viviane Sassen - artist, news  30 KOMMANDE Viviane Sassens utställning Umbra ger konstnärligt abstrakta perspektiv på den FOTO/KOMMANDE: Viviane Sassen, Paul Hansen.