Mar 11, 2017 Researching a Sprinter RV build and was interested in the Wallas Diesel cook top. It seems like it would save space and weight doing double 


The Wallas diesel stove draws combustion air from inside the cabin and carries exhaust outside the cabin. In a boat, this feature forces fresh air into the cabin area, drying the vessel interior and reducing the effects of mildew. A red indication LED in the ceramic glass top warns if the stove is hot.

2011-05-06 The WALLAS XC Duo is a simple cooking and heating solution, designed for campervan use. This single appliance provides a ceramic cooking hob and efficient heater operating on diesel fuel from the vehicle’s own tank. WALLAS XC Duo – How does it work?. When you close the lid, air starts blowing between the lid and the ceramic cooktop. Wallas Diesel Marine stove and oven 87D Features. The Wallas 87 D marine forced-air oven and the stove is truly a one of a kind combination, providing genuine forced-air cooking by using safe diesel forced-air technology. The convection oven bakes your cake evenly while the stove cooks your meal efficiently.

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2 cooking positions 2mm high aluminum bezel surrounding the ceramic surface to protect it 87D COMBINATION The Wallas 800D is a super compact diesel cooker designed for small boats, slide on campers, teardrop caravans or van conversions where only a single cooking position is needed. The 800D features the Wallas design ceramic surface, making it easy to clean and comfortable to use. A Wallas heater is quiet, efficient and ecologically friendly. A Wallas heater can be installed in a variety of locations in either new or retrofit applications. Available in either diesel or kerosene models, Wallas boat heaters are the final word in fuel and energy efficiency.

Wallas Diesel Stove 85DT, flat-design stove has been constructed with flat aluminium edges and protrudes just 2 mm above the surface of the counter.

WALLAS MARIN. Established in 1972, Wallas-Marin Oy is a privately owned company. The company's product development and manufacturing facilities are located in Kaarina, Finland. BOAT PRODUCTS: Heaters, cookers and ovens for boats ; COTTAGE PRODUCTS: Heaters for summer cottages ; CAMPER PRODUCTS: Stove-heaters for camper vans

Fridge galley 65l. Navigation lamps.

Wallas diesel stove

Sunwind Gas Stove Sunflame. Gasolkamin, Fristående Dieselkamin Wallas 26CC Vit inkl. fjärrstart. Dieselkaminen Wallas 26CC är en pålitlig värm. Visa mer.

Wallas diesel stove

Chartplotter, Raymarine Stove, alcohol. Freshwater tank system  wallas båtvärmare. 1800 B. VU. WALLIN. 1 Bruksanvisning. 2 Viktigt vid installation Ställ strömbrytaren "BURNER" (vārme) I "ON"-läge (gröna lampan tänds). WALLAS 40CC 4000w dieselvärmare.

I also have a Wallas Diesel furnace I think it is a D-40. Works great use it a lot. Only draw back is I wish it had a regular type thermostat instead of just a heat control. High Medium Low. For cooking I use a hot plate or the Wallas 87D Diesel Stove and Oven $ 5,600.00 The Wallas 87D oven and stove is truly a one of a kind combination, providing cooking via an 85DP stove and baking via an 86D oven in a single combined unit. The WALLAS XC DUO is a simple combined cooking and heating solution, designed for camper van use.
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fish finder, Autohelm compass, VHF, hydraulic trim planes, Wallas 3200 diesel heater. Oil oven from Refleks Fuel Tank is DIY Diesel Heater Model Refleks 66M The Wallas eller Safir Wallas Kamin 40cc för den lite större stugan,  Sunpad with Cover | 12V Fridge | Wallas Diesel powered Stove | Curtain Pack | Essential Pack - Cockpit Side Seats, Horn, Screen Wash, Fresh Water Shower,  Diesel stove. Compass. Fridge galley 65l.

· Easy to clean and use – The surfaces are smooth and thus easy to keep clean. · Stove and heater – With heat   Wallas boat stoves operate without the use of an open flame, increasing overall safety on board. The surfaces of the stove elements are smooth and easy to keep   May 22, 2008 I am not a big fan of propane on a boat.
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Nov 9, 2017 I am looking to trade my Wallas stove/heater combo for an Airtronic D2 or equivalent. Would also sell the Wallas if there was interest. Thanks 

Tap to unmute. Wallas diesel stove ceramic plated new 2007 – Wallas diesel owen new water system with 8 litre hydrophore tank – Hot water heater 220V  11:42 Other types of forced air diesel heaters (Wallas/Safire). 13:07 Forced Air Diesel Heater Pros and Cons. 17:44 Diesel drip stoves (Refleks  Wallas diesel stove ceramic plated new 2007 – Wallas diesel owen new 2007. – Refrigerator Hot water heater 220V and engine coolant heating- system. 74 Cleaning and maintaining the stove top.