Oetiker 16700024 Stepless Ear Clamp, One Ear, 7 mm Band Width, Clamp ID The sizing references for PEX clamps are not the same as standard Oetiker 


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Range  Not only Oetiker Clamps Chart, you could also find another pics such as Oetiker Clamp Size Chart, Oetiker Crimper, Oetiker Clamp Kit, Oetiker Pliers, Crimp  Item 40 - 1888 Oetiker Clamps and other kegging hardware are in stock at Adventures in Homebrewing. Use an Oetiker Clamp with your keg setup. OETIKER Clamps and Rings – Product Chart. OETIKER Clamps and side diameter of the hose lies approximately in the middle of the clamping range (see   Oetiker 16700024 Stepless Ear Clamp, One Ear, 7 mm Band Width, Clamp ID The sizing references for PEX clamps are not the same as standard Oetiker  One Ear Pack of 150 Open Oetiker 15500016 Stainless Steel Hose Clamp The sizing references for PEX clamps are not the same as standard Oetiker clamps. School Spirit Sweatshirt (Ripple): Clothing, please use our SIZE CHART The sizing references for PEX clamps are not the same as standard Oetiker clamps.

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200. DN6 - DN18. Page 23. 101&151 180 153&154 180. 2-Ear Clamps Ø 4.1 - 46.0 mm. Page 16.

2-Ear Clamps Ø 4.1 - 46.0 mm.

The Oetiker Group delivers OEM quality in all of our Aftermarket hose clamps and quick connects for fluid line connection needs in both Passenger and Commercial Vehicles. With billions of connections in service, our connecting solutions are the OEM’s choice and can be found on over 20 different vehicle brands.

In stock and available in all sizes from 3/8" to 1" in bagged and boxed  Apr 8, 2017 - Amazon price history- Size 1/2 (13.3 mm), Oetiker Stepless Ear Clamps, Single Ear Hose Clamps (25 OET133 x 25 Pack) - Product B00ZSDDJ4S  Oetiker 7.0mm hose clamp. Plugs Tags: 7mm, Clamp, Flowmeters.

Oetiker clamp size chart

1-Ear and 2-Ear Clamps 101 & 151, 153 & 154.

Oetiker clamp size chart

ALSI Screw Clamps Ø 30.0 - 500.0 mm. Page 19. MINI Screw Clamps Ø 6.0 - 219.0 mm. Page 20.

OETIKER Clamps and Rings – Product Chart OETIKER Clamps and Rings Size range Width x Thickness 6.5 - 11.8 mm 5.0 x 0.5 mm 11.9 - 120.5 mm 7.0 x 0.6 mm The Oetiker 15 to 18mm, Zinc-Plated 2-Ear Clamp 5/8" Noml Size, 4.71mm Inner Width, 8mm Wide x 1.2mm Thick, Carbon Steel can be found within the Ear Clamps category. As part of MSC Industrial Contact Bel-Metric for Clamps & Other Hardware Bel-Metric is the only purveyor of Universal Time Pirate clamps in the United States! Browse our large selection of clamps and specialty tools from brands like Norma, Oetiker and ABA. I tried putting 21mm clamps over the 3/4" Barb on a 1/2" SS Highflow camlock connector from bargainfittings and I forgot to add in the 1/8" tubing wall thickness. Couldn't get the 21mm oetiker clamp over the barb with the hose attached.
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The ones I bought appear to be oetiker brand clamps with metric numbers on them. Part # 52545K51 (16700010) (13.3 on them) Clamp ID Range -Inch 27/64" to 17/32" -mm 10.8 to 13.3. Part # 52545K27 (16700006) Clamp ID Range Hand Installation Pincers HIP 4000 | 392, HIP 7000 | 393 Assembly tools: Closing Ear Pincer for Low Profile Pincer for Ear Clamp 293 Product Size Force Max. Width Clamp 292 HIP 7000 | 393 Compound Action Tools The compound action mechanism increases the mechanical advantage as the handles are closed, thus providing for higher clamping forces when needed most.

While there are many types that will work, and the factory supplies a variety of types as oem, the BEST clamps for most all uses are OETIKER Type 167 ear clamps.
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An optimal clamp size will allow the hose’s O.D. to fall in the middle of the clamp’s size range. Clamping Procedure: After assembling the hose, use an Oetiker® ear clamping tool to compress the clamp’s first ear, followed by clamping the second. The clamp’s ears should be reduced in size by at least 40% to provide enough clamping force.

The chromium-nickel content of the stainless steel gives excellent corrosion resistance when exposed to a variety of aggressive environmental influences, both atmos- pheric and aqueous. OETIKER Installation Instructions Installation Instructions for Ear Clamps 08901456 Rights to make technical changes in the interests of further development reserved ® The careful selection and installation of OETIKER clamps is of the utmost importance for their performance in a specific application. Clamps 1-Ear Clamps are intended for low pressures applications such as automotive (not fuel lines), appliances, industrial machinery, underground irrigation systems and beverage dispensing equipment. They are specifically designed for mass production applications where inexpensive clamps are needed. Pressure As a guideline, 1-Ear Clamps have held OETIKER Stepless® Low Profile Clamps – 168 OETIKER Stepless® Low Profile Clamps with Tolerance Compensation – 168 OETIKER 1-Ear Clamps with Mechanical Interlock – 105 & 155 OETIKER 1-Ear Clamps – 103 & 153 OETIKER 1-Ear Clamps with Insert – 104 & 154 OETIKER 2-Ear Clamps – 101 & 151 OETIKER Twin Clamps – 108 & 158 OETIKER Stepless® Self-Tensioning Spring Clamps – 178 Oetiker Clamps for Rubber Hose Oetiker clamps are ideal for clamping rubber oil hoses because they maintain clamping force through heat cycles better than worm-drive hose clamps.